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What we do & why

What does Studio 19 Rentals do? We rent the things people love. Cameras, guitars, bikes, technology and the list is growing. We understand being passionate about something. We understand why that’s such a driving force in people’s lives. In fact, this is how we still decide on our product lines. And it’s also what we offer. The chance to follow your passion. To create, learn, to play. To get inspired and inspire others. We help people get the gear they’ve been dreaming of every day and although you rent the goods, the experience, the creations and the adventures are yours to keep. 

– Mike Ludbey, Managing Director

Return any time after 6 months
Apply to buy at any time
Low monthly payments
Optional protection plan available

How renting works

A lot of people are nervous when buying new equipment for a hobby. When you start out you might feel excited and passionate, but you don’t want to spend too much in case the feeling fades. As a result, you can end up with cheaper gear and your skills outgrow it too soon. Or, you end up with equipment you’re not ready for and get put off. Studio 19 Rentals helps by offering a simple, affordable alternative to buying.


Imagine you’re in a store or shopping online for a new camera, and you find one for $1,000.

Sure, you can buy the camera, and pay the full price. Or you can rent it using Studio 19 and for a small payment of $50 a month, you get to take it home and start creating.

And then, let’s say after six months, you find your skills have improved and you’re ready for a new camera. One that’s a little more advanced, to match your new skillset.

You can give back the camera you have and use Studio 19 to rent the new camera. It’s as simple as that. You can return the product to us any time after six months.

Otherwise, if you love the camera and can’t see yourself ever wanting to part with it, you can apply to buy any time. Even after your first rental payment.

That’s what you get with Studio 19 Rentals. The genuine flexibility to rent for as long as you like, return if you’re no longer using it, or apply to buy and keep it forever. You’re not locked into a contract for years with high-interest rates. You get to return, buy or keeping renting on your own terms.

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