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What we do & why

At Studio 19 Rentals, we offer something that no one else does. The chance to get high-quality gear and explore your passion or a new interest without long-term commitment.

With no upfront purchase cost and the ability to apply to buy at any time or return any time after the minimum agreed rental period, Studio 19 Rentals is a simple and affordable alternative to get the gear you want.  

Available in over 200 retailers in Australia including Manny’s Music, Store DJ, Camera House, Ted’s Cameras, DigiDirect, Giant Bikes and more, visit your local retailer instore or online and apply to rent today! 


We rent the things people love. Cameras, guitars, bikes, technology, and the list is growing. We understand being passionate about something, and why that’s such a driving force in people’s lives. Studio 19 Rentals offers people the chance to follow your passion. To create, learn, to play. To get inspired and inspire others. We help people get the gear they’ve been dreaming of every day.” 

– Mike Ludbey, Managing Director

Return any time
after minimum rental agreement
Apply to buy
at any time
Low monthly payments
No upfront
purchase cost

How renting works

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Renting with Studio 19 Rentals is easy. You can rent the gear you want, take it home and try it out with low monthly payments, and decide if it’s the right gear or experience for you, without the upfront purchase cost.

If you decide it’s not quite right, or you’re ready for something more advanced, simply return the gear any time after the minimum rental period.

If you love it, you can apply to buy any time, even after one day. 

Studio19 Rentals offer genuine flexibility with low monthly payments, no long-term lock-in contracts, and no additional or hidden fees for purchasing early or returning after your minimum rental period.

It’s that easy!

Still have some questions? No problem, try our FAQs

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