Royal National Park - Sydney

7 Bucket List Photography Locations In Australia

Australia is bursting with natural beauty. Around every corner you may find completely different landscapes, coastlines, or climates. From stunning beaches, to deserts Australia has it all. If you are like us, and are dreaming of a break check out our top 7 bucket list photography locations in Australia. 

Please keep in mind that travel is limited in Australia due to current COVID-19 restrictions. We should all do our part to stay home to stop the spread. We hope you enjoy this article and enjoy dreaming of locations to visit once we can safely.

Royal National Park – New South Wales

This one is a no brainer, as Sydney is a photographers dream. There is the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and popular Bondi Beach. All are stunning locations, but have been photographed millions of times before… And then there is, the Royal National Park. This national park is an absolute delight to visit, and is only 45 minutes out of the CBD (by car). Visit some amazing photography locations such as the Figure 8 Rock Pools and Wedding Cake Rock. These locations are an phenomenon of nature and amazing subjects for your photography! Not only will you capture shots that can’t be found any where else but will also get fit hiking to these locations.

Figure 8 Rock Pools - Royal National Park

Cradle Mountain – Tasmania

Despite it’s small size, Tasmania is a state you could spend weeks getting lost in it’s natural beauty. There are many amazing locations you may have seen online or from friends. Wineglass Bay, Bay Of Fires, Binalong Bay and Catarac Gorge are just a few that deserve a mention. However, our favourite is the beautiful Cradle Mountain. Cradle Mountain is located under 2 hours away from Launceston. Cradle Mountain has a unique and diverse range of fauna, flora, and terrains. From the jagged peaks of cradle mountain to the mirrored waters of Crater Lake. This is a photography experience that will stay with you a lifetime.

Cradle Mountain - Tasmania

Great Ocean Road – Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is a wonderland for landscape and seascape photographers. The stunning scenic locations along this stretch of coastline are nothing like you’ve seen before. The eroded limestone cliffs have created some amazing shapes. These limestone pillars make for a stunning long exposure subjects. Loch Ard Gorge is another of the coastlines beautiful locations. Loch Ard Gorge has two rock pillars, which have an interesting history. The amazing subjects make for a perfect location for photographers.

12 Apostles - The Great Ocean Road

Uluru – Northern Territory

Ayers Rock, located in Uluru is the deserts most famous landmark. This natural beauty is sacred to indigenous Australians, home to ancestral spirits. Uluru is another incredible photography location to visit. The arid “Red Centre” can be a stunning location to shoot. From sunrises, sunsets, golden hours, blue hours and night time. Astrotography is particularly popular around this landmark, as there is minimal light pollution. This is a landmark to definitely put on your bucket list.

Uluru - Northern Territory

Kangaroo Island – South Australia

Kangaroo Island is a stunning island location a ferry ride from the mainland. This is a small yet mightly island with many opportunities for some amazing shots. Little Sahara is a 2 square kilometre dune system located on the south coast of the island. This dune system has been forming for well over 7,000 years. The sand at Little Sahara is some of the softest and whitest sands found in Australia. Spend some time capturing this amazing landscape and the many people enjoying tobogganing down the slopes.
Admirals Arch is a location fit for a postcard. The arch features fossilized tree roots hanging from the cave ceiling. Admirals Arch is home to impressive coastlines and wildlife such as beautiful fur seals. Be sure to bring your telephoto lens to capture these amazing creatures and more.

Little Sahara - Kangaroo Island

Cape Tribulation – Queensland

If you’re after some of the most diverse landscapes in Australia, Queensland is the place for you. Cape Tribulation is an amazing location for photographers to immerse themselves in the tropics. Cape Tribulation is within the Daintree National Park. The possibilities here are endless, a tropical rainforest with an abundance of plants and animals. A stunning coast, in particular seen best from the air (attention drone photographers!). Bird watch and tour around the famous Great Barrier Reef. This is a photographers wonderland, with endless photo opportunities at every bend.

Cape Tribulation - Queensland

Kalbarri – Western Australia

Kalbarri is one of the most interesting locations I have come across. Located on the mid-coast of WA it is an isolated town with amazing shoot locations. The Hutt Lagoon is the landscape Kalbarri is best known for. Hutt Lagoon features a stunning array of pink, lilac and red colours and is a sight you have to see for yourself. Capture some amazing landscapes, or your best portrait/fashion shoot. These colours will make your viewers jaw drop to the floor in absolute awe.  Kalbarri is also home to the Natures Window. Natures Window is a naturally formed rock arch, imitating the appearance of a window. The formation has been wind-eroded over the years, creating an opening in the sandstone. Your camera is a must-have on this walk, natures window perfectly frames the accompanying river.

Kalbarri - Western Australia
Although current border restrictions may be delaying your travels, spend this time planning the ultimate photography road trip. Australia offers so many beautiful and diverse landscapes for photographers. Add these to your bucket list to tick off in due time! If you have been to any of the locations mentioned, we would love to see your shots!