Follow your passion

Own Your Sound with a new drum kit from Studio 19 Rentals.

What we do & why​

What does Studio 19 Rentals do? We rent the things people love. Like quality acoustic and electric drum kits. We understand being passionate about something. We understand why that’s such a driving force in people’s lives. In fact, this is how we still decide on our product lines. And it’s also what we offer. The chance to follow your passion. To create. To learn. To play. To get inspired and inspire others. We help people get the gear they’ve dreaming of every day and although you rent the goods, the experience, the creations and the adventures are yours to keep.

– Mike Ludbey, Managing Director

Studio 19 Rentals has partnered with over 200 music stores around Australia.


How renting works


Studio 19 Rentals offers a simple, affordable alternative to buying. Allowing small monthly payments instead. All you need to do is find a store who supplies the instrument you want. Fill out the easy application online or in the store.

We try not to stand in the way once you’ve found the one. If you love the instrument you can apply to buy at any time. If you change your mind you can return any time after 6 months.

Return any time after 6 months
Apply to buy at any time
Low monthly payments
Optional protection plan available

Own your sound with a new drum kit from Studio 19 Rentals.

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