Should You Get A Tablet?

Are you considering getting a tablet for yourself, but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you? We’re here to help, by delving into this topic further. There are many reasons why tablets could benefit your lifestyle. These can include portability, affordability, size and lengthy battery lives. However, there can be some disadvantages too. So should you get a tablet? In this guide, we weigh up the pros and cons to help you make up your mind one way or the other.



Tablets offer great portability for users. Whether you are looking for a tablet to work on the go, or for entertainment purposes they are devices you can carry with you almost anywhere. Tablets typically weigh less than a third of the weight of a laptop, and are small enough to fit into a bag or backpack. Simplifying the process of portability and convenience of carrying this around.


Comparatively to their laptop and notebook counterparts, tablets are at a far more affordable price point. This may be for many reasons, the main would be specifications and performance features. In saying this, tablets are still expensive devices. You should definitely do your research into to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

Screen Orientation

Screens can adapt easily to how you wish to view your tablet. If you wish to read you may do this in a portrait format. Whereas, watching a movie would be preferable landscape for the best experience. Whatever your preference, it’s as easy as rotating your tablet to change the orientation of your screen.

Entertainment and Professional Uses

You can use your tablet for means of entertainment, or for professional purposes. Use your tablet for reading a book electronically, watching a movie or playing a game in your spare time. There are also many professional purposes that tablets can come in handy for. Presentations from your device are easily shared and viewed, the portability factor can help you bring your device almost anywhere. Conferences, taking notes and working on the go all are great features in a professional workspace.

Battery Life

Tablets typically have a longer battery life, than other portable computing devices. Many tablets have batteries that last for 10 hours or more, considerably longer than batteries in most laptops. This is a great advantage for those who travel often and don’t always have access to power. Or those who use their tablet for a lengthy amount of time.

iPad at Cafe
Tablet for Graphic Design


Performance Features

As tablets are smaller and compact, these devices tend to not include the same hardware and performance based features that a laptop would. This is something you should be prepared to have if you choose to use a tablet for other purposes.


Tablets are far more fragile than their counterpart notebook or laptop. These devices have a screen that is the size of the entire unit, and do not have metal casing protecting the screen. Tablets tend to be made of thinner glass too, also increasing the fragility of the item. To combat this, it is best to invest in a case that will protect your item, and look into protection or insurance.


Whilst laptops include a keyboard and trackpad, tablets do not. These are not necessities for use, as your tablet is touch screen and has the same functionality. However, if you wish to use your tablet for work purposes they are very handy accessories to have. Keyboards and mice are to be purchased separately, and connected via Bluetooth (check compatibility). If your tablet has a lack of ports, that will not be an issue.


Another disadvantage of choosing a tablet over a laptop is the lack of ports. Ports the ease of function, boosting the accessibility and convenience of your workstation. There are always alternatives and ways to combat this, however it is a worth noting if you are in the market.