Studio 19’s Golf Glossary

Most sports tend to have their own lingo and terms of use, golf is no exception to this. When playing a few rounds of golf it can be quite baffling trying to understand what your fellow players are trying to say or tell you. We understand these terms can almost be like learning a new language at times  therefore that’s why we’re here to help with Studio 19’s golf glossary. Keep reading to find out basic and interesting terms:

If you’re starting from scratch it’s important you know the terms to explain, and to learn what you’re doing correctly. Become very familiar with the terms below, these will be used often and required whilst you get your head around the game.

Your Golf Equipment

Driver: The club with the biggest head, that also hits the ball the farthest.
Iron: Metal clubs that a numbers to correspond to their lofts. Each of these will hit the ball a certain height and distance.
Putter: A flat-faced club that rolls the ball into the hole on the green.
Wedge: The shortest irons in a set that fly the highest and stop the quickest. Are also used around the greens for chip shots and bunker shots

Basic Terms

Ace: A hole in one.
Birdie: Completing a hole one stroke under par.
Bogey: Completing a hole one stroke over par.
Bunker: The sandpits that are on a golf course.
Caddie: A person who carries a player’s bag for the round. A caddie may also offer advice on distances and club choice.
Chip: A short shot that is usually played in the vicinity of the green.
Fairway: The track of shortly cut grass, this extends from the tee to the fringe/green.
Fringe: tightly mowed grass between the fairway and the green
Green: Firm, tightly mowed surface where the hole is.
Handicap: A number which indicates how many strokes to either add or subtract from your score at the end of a round. This number is from your previous performances and equalizes golfers of differing abilities.
Par: The expected number of strokes it should take to get your ball in the hole. Or the expected total score around the entire 8 holes.
Rough: The thick and tall grass that borders the edge of the fairway.
Tee: The peg you push into the ground to sit your ball on. Also the area from which you begin or start playing a hole from.

Advanced Terms

Here is where it starts to get confusing… Read from some of the interesting and commonly used terms below. Even if you are still yet to perfect your perfect your golfing game, at least you can sound like you know what you’re doing.
Albatross: Scoring 3 under par on a hole, must be playing par 4 or higher.
Casual Water: A build up of water on the gold course after heavy rain (that is not considered a part of a water hazard). The player can move the ball without any penalties.
Chicken Wing: A swing “flaw” in which the lead elbow bends at an angle pointed away from the body.
Chili Dip: Hitting the ground behind the ball before having impact with the ball.
Dog Track: When a golf course is in poor condition.
Duff: A bad shot.
Eagle: A score of two under par.
Fore: What people shout when the ball is heading towards someone.
Flub: A terrible shot, one that causes a loss in scoring.
Hot: A shot that goes faster than intended.
Jungle: A ball hit into the deepest and rough area on the golf course.
Mulligan: The second shot from the tee, after a bad first shot.
Nineteenth hole: The bar visited by players after their rounds of golf.
Rainmaker: A golf shot with a very high trajectory.
Snowman: Scoring 8 on a hole.
Takeaway: The movement of the club at the start of a back swing.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, even if you are yet to walk-the-walk you can be clued up to be able to talk-the-talk. We hope we haven’t confused you too much with the lingo we included. Above all, golf is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

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