7 Photography Techniques to Try From Home.

Staying at home and social distancing in this worrisome time doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re at home looking for a pastime or some inspiration we are here to help. Keep reading to find out 7 photography techniques you can capture in the comfort of your own home.

Macro Photography 

Macro photography is simply- the art of capturing small objects and making them look life-size. This is a type of photography that has countless subjects, a huge range outside and inside your own home.
The easiest way to get started is with your own camera and a macro lens. Macro photography is all about trial and error, I personally find the best way to learn is to jump right in the deep end.
Here are some subjects you’ll find these in your home and garden: leaves, insects, flowers, fruit, fabrics, coins and any items with texture.

Light Painting 

Light painting is a technique that you can capture at home using a flash or even sparklers. This is the technique of capturing a long exposure of a light source moving around. 
Light painting was my first insight to a long exposure, and might be yours too. Use this time and the resources you have at home to capture some creative shots. Perfect the settings, and share with us on our social medias what you have captured.

Pet Photography

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend in your own home, they can be fantastic to test your photography skills on! Practice portraiture, action shots and even macro (remember when we said macro subjects were endless?).
Pets are great models to practice portrait photography. They move lots, are easily distracted and might refuse to take part at all. In other words, they can prepare you for the absolute worst portrait shoot you might have.

Food Photography

A different type of photography known for its Instagram presence is food photography. Food photography may seem straight forward but there’s definitely than meets the eye. Like a painting, construct the photo layer upon layer. Work until there’s a perfect balance of reality and art.
The 4 elements to perfect these shots are, plating, composition, lighting and editing. If you work to include these elements you have struck gold.
Keep in mind angles and what your photograph’s purpose is. Shooting from above can emphasize size and ingredients. Whereas, shooting from the size can show the height and smaller ingredients.

Studio Photography

Studio Photography can be another great option for photography from home. The options here are absolutely endless. If you have a tripod, a camera, studio flash or actually- any form of artificial light you are set for success!
Spend this time focusing on perfecting your skills. Capture water droplets, refractions, smoke and look into more abstract photography.
These techniques and shots not only get you creative and imaginative. You’ll also learn so much about elements you may not have considered before.

Portrait Photography 

Portrait photography styles can vary on the model, props, poses, lighting and even just the time of day. This is a technique you can practice with a member of your house whilst social distancing.
Portrait photography is everywhere. Found on social media feeds, clothing websites, advertisements and so much more. There is no shortage of inspiration by any means. With it being such a diverse technique this is a great one to practice and put into your own folio. Check out tips and expand your knowledge, the internet is full of such great information.

Post Processing

Post-processing isn’t necessarily a photography technique but it is an important skill. Post processing can adjust your photos or instead create masterpieces.
Double exposures, stacked imagery and levitation editing skills. These are all amazing skills to develop.
Although this is a difficult time for us all we need to focus on positive outcomes and things that make us all happy. Photography is not only a fun hobby for some, but a great outlet of emotions, creativity and design. Use this time to get to know yourself and your gear better with some amazing shots. 
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