The Ultimate Working From Home Playlist for Your Home Office

The Ultimate Playlist to Work from Home

As the global pandemic COVID-19 evolves, the number of employers making the move for their staff to work from home continues to increase. For those currently working from home, we are glad you are safe but we understand it is hard to stay focused. So we have worked to create a playlist with some of the most calming, relaxing and stress reducing songs for your very own home office.

What You Can Expect

Our team have done our research, we know that classical and nature music are a few of the best genres to keep focus. We also have found that upbeat music encourages us to work faster. I don’t know about you, but nature and classical music dis-interest me. That is why we have came up with our very own concoction.
Our Spotify playlist has some of the most calming songs to keep you on track. To stop your mind from wandering and to be as productive as you can. Give it a listen and discover a range of music from new to classic artists we all know and love. Artists from Australia and all around the world. Working from home doesn’t have to be boring thanks to this playlist.

Where To Find the Playlist

Find our Working from Home playlist on Spotify. If you haven’t already got a Spotify account, what are you doing? Spotify is a great interface to listen all your favourite tunes on. If our playlist doesn’t match your needs, you can find a huge range of options on here.
Check it out below and follow our Spotify account for more playlists in the future.

The Working From Home Playlist

If you have a playlist of your own that you can’t stop listening to, or really inspires you to work we would love to see it. Send it to us via social media or use our hashtag on Instagram #Studio19Rentals