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Get Your Blood Pumping

When you’re out on the track it’s important to have the right music to keep you motivated, excited and to set the mood. There’s nothing worse than getting into a rhythm with your music, and then have  it suddenly change with a different track. Keep up your pace with Studio 19’s very own playlist – Get Your Blood Pumping.

What You Can Expect

This playlist is a bit of a mess, but in the best way possible. To try and summarize this into one genre is quite a mission. With tracks from EDM, dance, pop, rap, hip-hop, electronica and rock.

The playlist is an eclectic mix of fast tracks, remixes, classics and some throwbacks too. The tempo is fast and beats high, ready for riders to get their blood pumping and build up a rhythm.

By listening you’ll find many songs from all of our long-time favourites, you’ll hopefully find some new artists too. Included are some local Australian artists that might become your new favourite.

Where To Find the Playlist

Find our Get Your Blood Pumping playlist on Spotify. If you haven’t already got a Spotify account, what are you doing? Spotify is a great interface to listen all your favourite tunes on, with free or paid accounts. If our playlist doesn’t match your needs, you can find a huge range of other options on here.

If you have a playlist of your own that is your go-to, or really motivates you we would love to see it. Send it to us via social media or use our hashtag on Instagram #Studio19Rentals