Road Cyclists

So you want to enter a cycling competition…

For many of you, I’m sure this isn’t your first race or competition. If so, this blog isn’t for you, instead we’re talking to the ones who are looking to start out. When you choose to enter a competition it’s a pretty big deal, you’re taking just a hobby to the next level. There are plenty of races for beginners, so if you want to enter a cycling competition keep reading to learn more.

Competition Types

There are so many types of cycling competitions, no matter what cyclist you are there is an event for you. Australia has a great plethora of events, waiting for beginners just like you!

Gravel Events: Gravel events are also known as “mixed-surface” races. This means terrains may vary; from pavement, dirt, gravel and sand. You don’t have to have a specific bike for this event, however the wider your tires – typically the better!

Road Races: Road racing is exactly as what it sounds to be; cycling on roads! Road cycling often involves long distance cycling against other cyclists.

Mountain Bike Races:  If you enjoy off-roading these are the kind of races for you! From downhill, enduro, freeride, cross-country and marathon races. No matter your skill level and your MTB interests, you can find an event style which matches with your own.

Cyclocross: A cyclocross race are laps of a short course featuring a variety of terrains. Pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles are some you may encounter. Cyclocross has parallels for cross-country cycling, mountain biking and other styles. However this has grown so big in popularity it is a specialist sport for many.

Time trialing: Time trials are a road race, cyclists race against the clock to win and beat other personal bests.

BMX: This is another type of off-roading cycling, on purpose build tracks. Derived from motocross, these races are fast, boasts speed and tricks.

Mountain Bike Race

No matter the competition you enter in, how you choose to train is crucial to your result. Racing, should always be fun and a positive experience.

There are a heap of training programs online, varying in intensity and what you want to achieve. For your first race you may want to take a simple route, a quick search you’ll find one that you can adapt for you.

If you want to take a professional route, you can visit a trainer or a coach. However this can be quite a pricey option especially if you’re a beginner.

Gravel cycling
Check and Prep

You’ve done the prep, and you’ve put in the work. Now it’s time to go over the final checks before the big day and ensure you’re rested and relaxed. Follow some of the tips below for a (hopefully) seamless race day!

Taper the Training: A huge part of racing is making sure you have enough rest and time to relax before the race. Before race day, start to reduce your training and give your body some time to recuperate before the big day. Don’t push yourself too close to race day and subsequently wear yourself out.

Final Equipment Check: Before race day you need to make sure your bike is in prime condition. Start by cleaning and lubricating your bike, check your tires, the chain and derailleurs. To avoid any last minute stress, pack your race day bag a least a day before the race. Make sure your helmet, clothes, shoes, extra tubes, mini-pump and tube patches are ready in case of emergency. Also think of your own well-being; pack food, water, sunscreen and sunglasses to ensure your comfortability.

Manage Your Time: The last thing you want to be before your first race is stressed out. Leave yourself enough time to take care of any registration details, go to the bathroom and have a quick warm up.

Ride Tall: No matter the outcome, the most important thing is to do the best you can (sorry if you’re cringing). Ride tall, and focus on finishing, no matter where that may place you.


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