The Studio 19 Rentals Story

If we were to strip things back to the very beginning, Studio 19 Rentals roots started way back in 1984. If you didn’t know, Studio 19 Rentals is a part of the Polygon Group. The Polygon Group has been a rental company for a long time. However have come a very long way since starting as a video store. Keep reading to learn more about the Studio 19 Rentals story.

Yes you read that right. Our directors Mike, Dave and Daryl ran a video rental store back in 1984 . Over the next 37 years, the Polygon Group would go on to rent a lot more than just movies.

The rentals all started with music. Our sales and marketing director Daryl was also a professional musician. His connections lead the three of them to sell sheet music to schools in Adelaide, Australia. This is where things started to get interesting. Someone asked if they could rent instruments too, so that is exactly what they did. Music Rentals Australia was born and they started to rent instruments to schools.

Then the instrument rental business went beyond schools to private customers, where Studio 19 Rentals was born.

Daryl loves music and now is passionate about golf. Mike loves cameras and e-bikes, and nobody understands computers quite like Dave.

Follow Your Passion

We understand being passionate about something. We understand and know why that’s such a driving force in people’s lives. As you can see above, this is still how we decide on all our product lines.

That’s what we offer. The chance to follow your passion. To create, learn, play. To get inspired and inspire others. We help people follow their passion every day.

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