The 5 Best YouTube Channels for Guitarists

It can be hard to find the motivation you need to get started with or improve your guitar skills. So, to help you out we’ve collated 5 of the best guitar YouTube channels to help motivate and teach you so you can enjoy your guitar even more! 

Guitar Goddess

The first channel we have stumbled across and has become a favourite is Guitar Goddess. Guitar Goddess (or Michelle) is a female guitar channel that is no secret. Guitar Goddess is a Chicago YouTuber with over 560,000 subscribers! Michelle has built her channel up for over 11 years, and has a great connection with her followers. If you visit Michelle’s channel you will find a great range of videos to keep you entertained. Guitar Goddess features un-boxing videos, pop-song tutorials, tips for motivation and many different guitar series. Check out her channel and most popular video below.

Paul Davids Guitar

Paul Davids Guitar is another channel we have found and now love. This channel is described as fun and inspiring, dedicated to keeping the guitar fresh and alive. Paul has found his audience over the past 11 years, with a huge total of 1.68 million appreciative subscribers. This channel features a range of videos. Beautiful arrangements, quality guitar playing, tutorials and motivating tips and tricks for all players. We have featured his most popular video below, one to definitely check out.

Music is Win

The third channel we are featuring is the iconic Music is Win. Music is Win has a huge following of over 990,000 subscribers on YouTube. This channel is a lot of fun, it has the perfect mix of humour with excellent content. Guitar culture and lessons are what Music is Win is most known for. This channel is great for intermediate players. Not only can you immerse yourself in guitar humour and fun, but improve your skills while you’re at it. Music is Win is a channel worth checking out, see their most popular video below.


CreativeGuitarStudio is another channel not to miss. Andrew Wasson is the content creator and mastermind behind CreativeGuitarStudio. Wasson has been a professional musician and active member of the industry for over 30 years. He is a no-nonsense guy, he’s not afraid to create long videos that explain the concepts he is trying to teach. Andrew’s videos are in-depth and teach without shortcuts. If you’re looking to perfect your skills and want a channel to help out, this might be the one. Check out CreativeGuitarStudio and their most popular video below.

Brett Kingman

Brett Kingman is the final YouTube channel we want to feature. This channel is created by Brett, an Australian guitar player who likes to demo all different types of guitar gear. From the guitar to all sorts of pedals, this is the channel for it all. Brett is a much smaller content creator to others we have featured, but with 57,100 followers he is no stranger to the community. Check out Brett’s channel and his most popular video below.

We hope you liked this read as much as we enjoyed writing it. There are so many great content creators out there, with so much knowledge to share with us all. If you have a favourite channel that we haven’t included in our list of best guitar YouTube channels please let us know!