Ways To Earn Some Money From Your Photography

For many of us photography is a fun hobby that we enjoy doing in our spare time. You may have built up a portfolio over the years and are ready to take your skills to the next level, starting a photography business of your own. Keep reading to find out some ways to take your own business to the next level and to earn some money from your photography.

Become An Assistant

Starting out as an assistant may put your own photography business on hold for a short period of time, however, it can help you get real insight from some photography professionals. An assistant is a great way to get experience and earn some extra cash. Keep an eye out for listed jobs, put word out with others in your industry and offer help where you can.

Selling Prints

Selling prints are often hobby photographers first steps to earning money from their work. The first step is to find a company that can offer quality prints you are after, and the rest is self promotion. To boost your sales you can get the help of a friend or hire someone to assist with some marketing practices. Social media is great to grab engagement from your following and potential purchasers

Wedding and Event Photography

When you think of photography businesses, the first to come to mind are wedding and event photographers. Both are rewarding roles and have a wide range of opportunities. To build up confidence and your abilities you could even volunteer your services. Once you have built up your confidence enough you can then venture out on your own and expect payment. Another perk is to experience the happiest days of some couples lives.

Pursuing Portrait, Family, Newborn and Fashion Photography

Wedding and event photography isn’t the only type that you can earn some pretty cash from. You can also get involved in fashion, portrait, family and newborn photography too. Whatever you are passionate about, you can focus on and develop amazing skills. When you’re truly passionate about your work your work quality will reflect this.

Enter Photography Competitions

Photography competitions are growing in popularity, as well as the quality of images. More and more equipment is becoming accessible for photographers of all levels. Photography competitions are a great way to get awareness for your work and earn some spare cash at the same time. Check out this article for some to enter your own work in.

We hope this blog has sparked some fire in you to pursue a career in an industry that you’ve always wanted to work in. Take your personal photography business to the next level, get the experience you’ve always strived for and earn some extra cash at the same time. #Studio19Rentals