Focus Study Work with Headphones On

Concentrate & Focus Playlist

Life can be fast paced, and lets be honest it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We know how hard it can be to knuckle down, concentrate and focus on the work in front of you. We’re here to help, plug in and tune out with the help of our concentration playlist. Music can play a vital role to get you in the right mindset for the most productive outcomes. Keep reading to find out about our playlist, music when you need to concentrate.

What You Can Expect

The music we have included varies in genre but has the same concept. The music is very chill, relaxing, and most importantly it’s easy to listen to. We have included non-lyrical songs, lyrics can be distracting if they’re not familiar. The genres of music included are variations and trans-genres. Soft-pop, soft-hop, soft electronica, nature and some classical too.

Where To Find The Playlist

Find our playlist on Spotify. If you haven’t already got a Spotify account, what are you doing? Spotify is a great interface to listen all your favourite tunes on, with free or paid accounts. If our playlist doesn’t match your needs, you can find a huge range of other options on here.

When to Listen

Our playlist is great when you’re studying, working & learning. However, it’s great for day-to-day life too. Whether that be running errands, organising life or when you need a boost of productivity.

The Playlist

If you have a playlist of your own that is your go-to, or really helps you to focus we would love to hear it. Send it to us via social media or use our hashtag on Instagram #Studio19Rentals