Golf Content Creators

Golf Content Creators If you love all things golf and is on the hunt for new and upcoming content, we are here to help. We’ve found some great content creators that you can indulge yourself in. Keep reading to find your next favourite golf content creator. GolfUnfiltered GolfUnfiltered is a little gem I stumbled across […]

The Studio 19 Rentals Story

The Studio 19 Rentals Story If we were to strip things back to the very beginning, Studio 19 Rentals roots started way back in 1984. If you didn’t know, Studio 19 Rentals is a part of the Polygon Group. The Polygon Group has been a rental company for a long time. However have come a […]

What Grip Is Best For You?

What Grip is Best for You? Your golf grip is one of the most crucial factors to your playing, but is also one of the most commonly overlooked. Trust me, we know golf grips aren’t exactly riveting, but they are important. How you clutch and hold your club can affect your swing, the shape of […]

Studio 19’s Golf Glossary

Studio 19’s Golf Glossary Most sports tend to have their own lingo and terms of use, golf is no exception to this. When playing a few rounds of golf it can be quite baffling trying to understand what your fellow players are trying to say or tell you. We understand these terms can almost be […]