The Best Beginner Instruments

The Best Beginner Instruments Are you, or someone you know looking to start learning an instrument? We understand that it can be difficult to know where to start, that’s where we come in. Keep reading to find out our opinions of the best beginner instruments. Keyboards: Yamaha P45 The Yamaha P45 is our choice for […]

The Studio 19 Rentals Story

The Studio 19 Rentals Story If we were to strip things back to the very beginning, Studio 19 Rentals roots started way back in 1984. If you didn’t know, Studio 19 Rentals is a part of the Polygon Group. The Polygon Group has been a rental company for a long time. However have come a […]

Get Your Blood Pumping

Pump Track Cyclist Mountain Bike

Get Your Blood Pumping When you’re out on the track it’s important to have the right music to keep you motivated, excited and to set the mood. There’s nothing worse than getting into a rhythm with your music, and then have  it suddenly change with a different track. Keep up your pace with Studio 19’s very […]

A Beginners Guide to Effect Pedals

Effect Pedals + Processors

A Beginners Guide to Effect Pedals If you’re looking to experiment with your sound but are unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We have combined some of the most popular and our personal favorite effect pedals together to create A Beginners Guide to Effect Pedals. Keep reading to find out more! […]

Acoustic vs Electric Drum Kits

Acoustic vs Electric Drum Kits Whether you are a beginner, or a drummer looking to update their kit you may be unsure between the range options. Electric drum kits have recently saturated the market, making your decision that much harder. We are here to help weigh up the options for you. Keep reading to find […]

Working From Home

The Ultimate Working From Home Playlist for Your Home Office

The Ultimate Playlist to Work from Home As the global pandemic COVID-19 evolves, the number of employers making the move for their staff to work from home continues to increase. For those currently working from home, we are glad you are safe but we understand it is hard to stay focused. So we have worked […]